Aurora Viewing Tour

When you are in search of auroras, we have the tour!

Approx. 5 hrs - $75 p/p *Must be 6 years old or older

Ride in a military-style SUSV to the top of Charlie Dome where you will watch for the Northern Lights. You will have a 360° unobstructed view, heated yurts to warm yourself in, outhouses, and complimentary hot beverages and snacks.

What is a SUSV?

It stands for Small Unit Support Vehicle (SUSVs, pronounced sus-vees ) are all full tracked, articulated vehicles designed to support infantry platoons and similar sized units during the conducts of operation in arctic and alpine conditions, however, at Chena Hot Springs we use them to chase the Aurora! SUSVs can be used in all types of terrain, such as trackless terrain, rock, boulders, bog, marsh and even underwater!

Each SUSV can fit 13 people with a driver. That is three in the front and 10 in the back riding up to the top of Charlie Dome. Up there, one can get completely unblocked view of the entire sky, and it;s quite the view during the day! We prepare warm yurts for everyone to stay inside with unlimited hot snacks and drinks while we wait for the sky to start dancing!

Where do we meet for this tour?

We meet in the Activity Center, it takes about 20 minutes each way to our destination, Charlie Dome. Tour last a full five hours. We have some reading materials and board games at the top if you don’t want to wait outside for the aurora.

What is included with the tour?

  • Round-trip transportation from our resort to Charlie Dome

  • Warm yurt to wait for auroras at the top of Charlie Dome

  • Warm gear is included with this tour

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Coffee

  • Tea

  • Water

  • Top Ramen

  • Oatmeal

Important Information

If you book online, we will try to accommodate you to the most appropriate tour time. You will get confirmation after you book. Same day bookings for this tour need to be made before 6 pm.

The Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon and can not be guaranteed. There is no refund if the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights do not appear.