Cell and Internet at Chena Hot Springs

Cell Phone Availability

There is currently no cell phone service at the resort. AT&T, GCI, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile do not work at this time.

Internet Availability

There is internet service available at the Resort in the Activity Center,  Aurora Cafe, Pool, and the Main Lodge which includes the Front Desk, Gift Shop, Restaurant, and Lounge.

 An internet voucher is free with a hotel room reservation, and works for up to 2 devices. 

If you do not have a hotel reservation, a voucher can be purchased: $10 per 24 hours for up to 2 devices. You cannot switch which device is connected to the internet.

Wi-Fi is not available in the cabins or the campground.  

Wi-Fi or reception is not guaranteed. We are a remote lodge, and service is difficult. 


REV Nov 8, 2016 7pm NM