Alaskan Romantic Getaway

Did you promise your loved one that you will follow them to the end of the world?

Chena Hot Springs Resort

Chena Hot Springs Resort

Well, Alaska offers you the opportunity to prove your vow and reach one of the most unique romantic destinations.

Whether you come during winter or summer, the last frontier makes for a perfect getaway. You can celebrate love, with an Alaskan twist, by booking a room and dinner at some of the state’s most romantic resting spots and restaurants.

Alaska can be seen as a place only survived by its most rugged people. Although for such a big state and such few population, you can feel the connections made here are instinctively intense and sincere. You come up here to get away from routine and mix adventure with love. NO matter what, the Alaskan experience bonds people together in indescribable ways.

Wildlife can be the mirror image to your romantic experience, we see swans swimming in formation with their sweethearts and the unbreakable love of bald eagles who choose their mates for life. Alaska owns that quiet beauty that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Amazing proposal scenery.

Amazing proposal scenery.

In the winter love is painted in the sky with the Aurora Borealis. Something about this phenomenon inspires people to retrieve that case they’ve been saving in their pocket, get on one knee, and propose. These spontaneous acts of love are commonplace in this winter wonderland and many come back to marry in the splendor of the snow and lights.

Take a midnight walk in the summer along one of the numerous nature trails accessible just about anywhere you may be in Alaska. Harmonize with nature and your loved one as you both explore river creeks, rocky cliffs and serene wildlife. Stop along the way and start a fire. Enjoy a sunset that can seem to last a lifetime as you and your partner in life exchange new vows to each other.


Visit Anchorage, explore Fairbanks, relax at Chena Hot Springs Resort and love your journey in Alaska.