Chena Shuttle


Leave The Driving To Us

60 scenic miles away from Fairbanks

Chena Hot Springs Resort is located at milepost 56.5 which is at the very end of Chena Hot Springs Road. The paved road is called “Chena Hot Springs Road” because it ends at the resort! Open year-round, the scenic 60 mile drive from downtown Fairbanks takes a little over an hour. It is common to see wildlife, especially moose, along the way.

Shuttle Fee (from 0-year-old and up)

Round-trip: $130.00 per person

One-way : $65.00 per person

*Romantic Getaway package or Couples Escape package purchaser ONLY: $110.00 per person (Round-trip)

* CAR SEAT : The age, height and weight of your child needs to be notified at the time of shuttle booking. Free of charge

For transportation requests that are not included in a package, these will be charged for half of the transportation reservation upon booking and the remaining balance will be charged upon check-in. For cancellation on this type of reservation, please notify at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled shuttle request. 

Book Transportation from Fairbanks to Chena Hot Springs

Book Transportation from Chena Hot Springs to Fairbanks

How to book your shuttle (72-hour prior request needed)

  • We need your shuttle request at least 72 hours prior notice (more than a week prior is preferable and earlier is better).

  • You need to have a room or package booking to request our shuttle.

  • The confirmation email will be sent to you.  Your shuttle is not confirmed until you receive our confirmation email.  Please let us know if you haven’t received the confirmation email within five days of sending your request.

  • We cannot guarantee your shuttle if it is made within 72 hours prior to your check-in date.

Required information to book your shuttle:

  1. The confirmation number of your room or package reservation (six-digit number, starting with 3 or nine-digit number, starting with 5)

  2. The full name of a person on your room or package reservation

  3. The phone number that our shuttle driver can contact you on the day of your pick-up (if you don’t have the US number, email you can get with your phone could work).  Our driver may contact you if he/she cannot find you at the scheduled pick-up location.

  4. The number of passengers (including from 0-year-old)

  5. The pick-up location (Please select from the list below)

  6. The time of pick-up (Please select from the list below)

  7. The drop-off location in Fairbanks (Please select from the list below)

  8. The time of departure from our resort (Please select from the list below)

* Flight number (Both arrival flight & departure flight) & Flight arrival time and departure time are necessary if you have the arrival flight on your pick-up day and the departure flight on your check-out date.

* The driver will look for you with “Chena Hot Springs” sign and the list of last names of the room/package reservations to pick up.  Most places are small, so usually they can find you without problem, but if you see a person wearing Chena logo shirt, jacket or cap, it would be nice if you could talk to him or her as well.

Shuttle Schedule

  • Attention: We have three different shuttle schedule patterns for different dates.

    ** The shuttle starts from the Fairbanks International Airport at the below stated time.  If your pick-up location is not at the airport, please allow 10 to 30 minutes from the stated time until the shuttle picks you up.  Please understand that if the driver cannot find you at the location or get hold of you, the shuttle cannot wait for you.

  • For people whose accommodations are not included in the above list, we recommend you select one of the public places stated below.
  • The facility’s opening hours vary according to the season.  We highly recommend you check the opening hours of those places considering the freezing temperatures in winter time or rainy days in summer.  You can warm yourself inside and might be able to see the shuttle approaching through the window.  The only 24-hour open facility is the Fairbanks International Airport.
  • Public places

    The airport or visitor center

    • Fairbanks Airport : 1F Baggage Claim Area (open 24 hours)

    • Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitor Center

    • Museum of the North at University of Alaska

    General merchandise store or shopping mall

    • Bentley Mall

    • Fred Meyer West (Airport Way)

    • Fred Meyer East (Old Steese Highway)

    • Walmart

    *** Alaska Railroad station is only open for a limited time and there are no restaurants or stores around the station, so we don’t recommend to use it just as a shuttle pick-up or drop-off location unless you have a train arrival or a train to catch.

For more information please cal (907) 451-8104 or email