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It is wonderful to see so much interest in Chena’s adoptable dogs. Hopefully, with your help, we will have NO Chena dogs looking for new homes! It makes all of us here at Chena, VERY happy to see our dogs with their new loving families!

These are the adoptable dogs of the Chena Hot Springs Resort Dog Mushing Kennel. These dogs have worked hard and happily all of their lives. For various reasons they are now ready to retire and to find new pet homes! They will make great companions for the right people. All of our adoptable dogs are spayed or neutered and are up to date on their vaccinations. Most of these dogs are older and have out grown a lot of the behavioral issues that young dogs may have, making them GREAT pets! Most of them have never set a paw inside a house, however, and will need some training on how to behave in your home. These dogs would love to join you on walks, hikes, runs, and on the occasional trip to the dog park, but most of all they’ll be happy just hanging out with you as your pet! 

If you are interested in meeting one of these amazing dogs please stop by the kennel between the hours of 11am-5pm any day of the week. The kennel is located on Chena Hot Springs property. When approaching Chena, make a hard right, immediately before the “Welcome to Chena” archway sign. We look forward to meeting you! 

If you are interested in meeting or adopting one of these amazing dogs please call 907-451-8104 and ask for Cali, or email caligav20@gmail.com.  The dogs and kennel staff look forward to meeting you!   

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    Katie: Katie is a brilliant swing dog in our kennel, and a very hard worker.  Born in 2008, she is very affectionate, and has a great recall off-leash.  No naughty runaway here!  We love working with her, and she is very reliable.  Unfortunately, by the end of our tourist season, she is SO bored of doing the same old loop, we feel bad asking her to numb her mind with even more loops.  Katie would love a home with plenty of fresh air and new activities and toys to engage in.  She would make an excellent skijor companion, and would love to accompany you on hikes as you explore the great outdoors.  But while this pretty lady loves new adventures, she'd also like you to know that she loves snuggles and vanity-enhancing compliments even more.






 Kirby: Kirby is ridiculously sweet and friendly, born in 2005, and loves greeting all visitors that come through the dog yard.  He gets compliments all the time on his beautiful-yet-strange human-like eyes.  While Kirby has been a great team dog here at Chena, he's becoming less enthusiastic about running more than a couple miles, and would prefer to bask in the adoration of visitors and resort guests.  We'd like to find Kirby a home where he can relax with his family and engage in moderate activities such as walks, rolling in grass, and playing with toys.






  Swede: Swede is a wonderful, sweet-natured boy born in 2000.  He is always ready for a run, even if he can't quite keep up with the young whippersnappers on the team anymore.  He's been one of our go-to wheel dogs for years, and we are very sad to have to restrict his exertions this season, as he will not admit to anyone that he is over his puppy years and would over-do it if we allowed him to.  He cheers the teams out of the yard these days and eagerly greets guests, who greatly admire his manly frame and beautiful, exotic eyes.  He is fond of long naps on plushy straw beds, shoulder rubs, and snacks.  He would love to hang out and watch TV with you before your evening walk, and to stare adoringly at you while you make dinner.






Miso: Miso is a petite, sprinty little girl, born in 2010.  She is quite energetic and always eager for a run or to socialize with her pals in the dog yard.  While springy and delightful, she doesn't think she's cut out to be a serious sled dog, as fun and games obviously take precedence in her life, and she would prefer somewhere where she can still be active while also being able to sleep in a warm crate inside a house or cabin by her people.  She may be a little shy of strangers at first, but she is very affectionate and silly, and loves attention.








Murphy: Murphy is a very shy, sweet boy born in 2003. Although he has some trust issues, he is very silly, and loves to play tag when you turn your back to him, poking you with his nose.  However, it is very difficult for him to allow himself to be at anyone's mercy, and very often will play-bow, touch your hand with his nose, and dash off again before you can give him a satisfying snuggle.  When he is very comfortable and feeling affectionate, he will approach slowly and allow himself to be pet and massaged, but he makes a point to only really do this just frequently enough for you to be driven mad with desire to love him and make him love you in return.  We feel that if he were in the right home, with a calm, patient owner or family, he would come out of his shell and become a wonderful, loyal, and grateful companion.  He currently is a dedicated team or wheel dog, and has no problem allowing himself to be harnessed if he knows he gets to go on a run.  He gets along well with the other dogs, and truly *wants* to be a loving pet, if only he were given the chance.




Theo: Theo is a shy lady born in 2003.  She works hard in team or wheel position, and enjoys a casual day of sled rides, although she can't quite do as much as she once could and enjoys napping in her straw nest in her down time.  She is very submissive, and shy.  Theo came to us several years ago from another mushing kennel, and we're not sure why she's so shy or what could have happened in her past, but she has never really come out of her shell, and could use a serene, understanding family or owner to just hang out with her and be a calm presence in her life.  She is very unassuming, and never asks for much besides some kind words and an extra snack throughout the day.  When approached with a harness, she lays down and allows herself to be dressed for work without a fuss, but we suspect that what she'd really like is a retirement with a sweet and patient person, and days filled with lounging in a soft  bed, rolling in the grass, and special treats.


 Betty: Betty is super-friendly and outgoing, born in 2011.  She's very good off-leash and has a great recall.  She is very active, and loves long hikes, runs, and wrestling with anybody who is willing to play with her or throw her a tennis ball.  She does not, however, like the whole "sled dog" gig, and has decided she was not meant to be a working girl.  She would rather have fun all day long, with anybody and everybody who wants to be her friend.  She is currently being fostered with an employee here at Chena, and is well-behaved as an indoor dog.  She has a keen affection for napping on couches, toys, treats, and people, and would love being with someone who could entertain her as much as she is sure to entertain them.







Toby: Toby is, hands-down, one of our very favorite dogs to work with.  Not only is he handsome and brawny, but he is also incredibly sweet and intelligent.  He was born in 2003, but is one of those cool cats who never seem to age.  He's been The Golden Boy, The Star Athlete, and The Poster Child for years now, and we'd really like to find him a special home with the adoring public he deserves before he starts to realize that the younger Chena dogs are beginning to catch up to him and will eventually overtake him.  We would like him to retire with honors, and can think of no better reward than a loving family to spoil him and give him tons of attention throughout his well-deserved pet years.