Free Greenhouse / Geothermal Energy Tours Everyday at 2pm and 4pm

Come join us for a tour of our geothermal energy plant and our greenhouses!

Chena Hot Springs Greenhouse

Chena Hot Springs Resort is working toward becoming a self-sustaining community, and an important part of making this vision a reality is to strive for greater independence in food production.

The Chena Fresh Gardens program began in 2004 with the installation of a small test greenhouse, which is now operated year round and is heated entirely with water from our geothermal resource. The original greenhouse (OG, 6mil poly-film hoop house, 1000ft² (800ft² grow area, 200ft² air mix area), heated with 2” radiant fin tube) was built right next to the Rock Lake.

In the winter of 2005, we experienced outside temperatures as cold as -56F°, but we were still able to maintain the inside temperature at  78F°!  This 134F°temperature difference was the largest record for any controlled environment production facility in the U.S. 

After the successful season with the OG, we built two other greenhouses on the property: High Tunnel, (another hoop house, 2000ft², 6mil Poly-Film) right next to the 46 building, and the Main Greenhouse (the newest, 4320ft²).

Outdoor Gardens

Besides greenhouse production, we grow about 10,000 plants for outside flower gardens, planters and hanging backsets in the Spring. We also have 3 outside vegetable gardens adjacent to each greenhouse, where we grow a variety of vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, beans, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and zucchini.

Lettuce Room (68F°to 74F°)

 What we grow: 25 kinds of lettuces between Romaine and Leaf Lettuces (as of Jan 2019) and herbs (Italian/Thai Basils, Parsley, Dill) year-around.

 The harvest is brought to the resort restaurant (typically 24-72 lettuce heads everyday). That is how we can have amazing, fresh salads all year! 

The lettuces are lined up in chorological order and there are 80 trays each on south and north side. Each tray can hold 24 lettuces (Total of 1920 lettuces always in production)


Tomato Room (70F°to 74F°)


What we grow: about 360 tomato plants: Cherry Tomato (Favorita), Plum Tomato (Granadero), Cluster Tomato (Climstar) and Beefsteak (Rebelski)

We harvest an average of 9,000lbs of tomatoes per year!

Plant Life Span: 1 to 2 years.

We typically start the germination process every December / January. We harvest about 9 months out of that year

The stem length can vary but can grow up to 60ft 

How We Grow: Hydroponic with Perlite in Dutch Basket System

Perlite is volcanic rock that has been superheated into very lightweight expanded glass pebbles. It is a porous substance that offers both excellent water retention and drainage. It also provides proper aeration which helps plants to develop healthy and strong roots.

Baskets are connected to each other with pipes at the bottom for any excess water to drain out. Each basket is fed with water via a dripper periodically.