Hiking Trails

General Hiking Guidlines

-Do not ski, hike, or bike alone. Always have another person with you.

– Let someone know where you plan to hike/ski and your expected return time. There is no reception or service on the trails, so make sure someone will know if you do not return.

– Be aware of changing weather and trail conditions. Be prepared -it is easy to get lost, especially in the winter when landmarks can be covered in snow.

-There is always a chance you might encounter a bear or a moose – please be aware

– Ski under control and so that you can and avoid other skiers or objects.


Monument Creek Trail

Distance: approx. 3 to 3.5 miles

Time: leisurely 1.5 -2 hour walk

This trail winds around Chena Hot Springs property along Monument Creek and offers an easy, flat hike through the valley. It begins by the upper campground on the North side of the creek and ends in the lower campground by Spring Creek.

Suitable for mountain bikes, hikers, and skiers.


Beginners Loop

Distance: about 1.5 miles round trip.

Time: Leisurely 30-45 minute ski

This trail is not recommended for hiking in the summer due to marshy conditions, but is a nice easy ski trail in the winter.

Suitable for beginning hikers, bikers, and cross country skiers


Nature Trail

Distance: approx. 1.5 miles round trip

Time: leisurely 30-45 minute walk

This trails begins either at the Chena Kennel or Yurts by the duck pond and circles aroun Beaver Pond. Easy, flat trail with view of pond and sometimes beavers!

Suitable for mountain bikes, hikers, and skiers.

 IMPORTANT – This trail is used for dog-sled tours, and is closed to pedestrians from 11am to 4pm. 

Ridge Trail (Upper Chena Loop)

Distance: approx. 2.25 miles one way

Time: difficult 1.5-2 hour hike one way to Bear Paw Butte

This is a moderate to strenuous hike that rewards the ambitious with beautiful views of the Chena hills. Take the upper split of the trail behind the Hot Springs. Once on top of the ridge, take the trail to Bear Paw Butte for a higher view, or continue towards Angel Rocks and Lower Chena Loop. The climb gains about 1,000 feet to the top of the Butte.

*Sometimes you can find wild blueberries, lingon berries, and cranberries in late August -late September

Suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers and hikers


Lower Chena Loop

Distance: about 2.25 miles one way to junction with Angel Rocks Trail

Time: Moderate -difficult 1-1.5 hour hike one way

Take the lower split of the trail behind the Hot Springs. This hike along the hillside is a good trail to enjoy the outdoors surrounded by trees. Can be muddy so wear appropriate shoes.

Suitable for advanced hikers and bikers



Chena Loop

Distance: about 5 miles round trip

Time: Difficult 2.5-4 hour hike

Hiking both the Upper and Lower Chena Loop. Recommended direction of travel is Lower Loop to Upper Loop because of the great view coming down from the Upper Loop.

Suitable for advanced hikers and bikers


Charlie Dome

Distance: about 2.25-3 miles one way

Time: moderate to difficult 1.5-2 hour hike one way

This scenic hike winds up the hills and ends at our Yurts on top of Charlie Dome. The view from the top offers outstanding 360 degree views of the Chena Hills, and even the Alaska Range on clear days.  The climb gains about 1,300 feet of elevation.

Suitable for advanced hikers and skiers


Angel Rocks to Chena 

Distance: 8.3 miles 1 way.  Starts at mile 48.9 on Chena Hot Springs Road, ends at Chena Hot Springs at mile 56.5

Time: 5-8 hours. Difficult hike -gains 1900 ft. elevation.

Angel Rocks has unique outcroppings called “Tors”. Hike from Angel Rocks to the ridge line, where you will have breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys, and then to Chena to soak in the Hot Springs!

Trail can be hard to see at times -marked with stone cairns.

Suitable for advanced hikers – no bikes or vehicles allowed on trail.




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