Ice Fishing Tour

Catching Fish out of a pond.

Catching Fish out of a pond.


You come to Alaska to experience everything this state has to offer, and ice fishing is an activity that would make your visit even more memorable.

Catching a fish from the ponds close to the resort is just a must do.

Book as early as 10 am, which is the most recommended time to go (fish are active in the morning and early afternoon) or call (907) 519-0051 to check the next available spot.

The cost per person is $120.00. We need a minimum of 2 guest to operate this tour and have a limited availability for 4 guest. Tour is very personalized and lasts a total of 3 hours.

What the Tour Includes:

  • Licensed guide

  • Transportation to and from the pond

  • Fishing poles

  • Bait

  • Fish cleaning

  • Hot Cocoa

  • Water

  • Top Ramen

  • Oatmeal

  • Tea

  • Coffee

  • Cooking the fish you catch

Catching a fish is not a guarantee, but from the ponds you can fish Arctic Grayling, Rainbow trout and Burbot, which make for a great meal after fishing.

Fun video: Ice Fishing at Chena 🎣

Setting everything up to start fishing

Setting everything up to start fishing