Due to the extreme volume of lost items at the resort, you must communicate with the lost and found staff via email.  Unfortunately, due to the high volume of lost items, we do not save the following items after 24 hours; Swimsuits, towels, anything perishable or small items of little or no perceived value (trinkets, toys, gadgets).  We also do not save clothing of any kind (including but not limited to; boots, hats, and other winter gear).  Please do not send in requests regarding the items mentioned as they will not be responded to.  Items that are saved are phones, wallets, keys, eyeglasses and the like.  Please keep in mind the resort is not responsible for any lost item regardless of if it made it to the lost & found department or not.  Please take care and responsibility when it comes to your valuables.


Please be as specific as possible regarding your item as many items are similar. In regards to retrieving your item you have several choices.  You may pick up the item at our corporate office in North Pole (no charge), have it sent via mail(charges apply, shipping and handling), or it may be held for you at the resort for 24 hours(past 24 hours it will be discarded, no exceptions unless it is a special situation).  In the event that you wish to have your item sent to you in the mail, you are responsible for all shipping and handling charges.  At the lost and found department, it is our #1 goal to re-unite you with your lost item and we take great pleasure in doing so.  If you have a lost item and would like to start a case please email us today at lostandfound@chenahotsprings.com


In the event that your items is found and you would like to expedite the process of having it sent to you, please purchase USPS Priority Postage online in the appropriate amount and email it to us.  Failure to do this will result in delays in getting your item as they will be sent to our business office to process the transaction.