Free Daily 2PM & 4PM Geothermal Renewable Energy Tours

In addition to our relaxing hot springs, we offer free daily geothermal renewable energy tours for guests to learn more about our energy saving projects. Simply check-in at the Activity Center by 1:45 PM or 3:45 PM to sign up for the one hour tour.

Aurora Ice Museum

The Chena Hot Springs Aurora Ice Museum uses a unique, energy efficient absorption chiller, powered by our geothermal water. The absorption chiller can keep the Museum cool even during Fairbanks’ hot summer months, when temperatures can reach over 90 degrees.

Energy Projects

In addition to producing 100% of our electricity from renewable energy, we are also very interested in looking at alternative fuels for transportation and to replace propane.

Geothermal Power

Chena Hot Springs is the lowest temperature geothermal resource to be used for commercial power production in the world

Chena Fresh

Chena Hot Springs is working toward becoming a self-sustaining community, and an important part of making this vision a reality is to strive for greater independence in food production. We produce fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and herbs for use in our restaurant year round.

Vertical Lettuce Tower

Find out about our exciting and economical Vertical Bucket Lettuce Grow Towers, designed by proprietor Bernie Karl, and learn how to build your own!

Geothermal Exploration

Chena Hot Springs and the Department of Energy are jointly funding a $1.4 million exploration project designed to locate and characterize the geothermal resource underlying Chena Hot Springs. The goal is to build a model of the deep reservoir using geologic and geophysical exploration techniques coupled with state of the art reservoir engineering. Once the model has been completed, it will be tested by drilling a 4000ft slim hole, sited to intersect the deep geothermal reservoir.