Reserve your Ice Fishing Tour

Below is a form to reserve your spot for ice fishing

We have daily tours in the winter time.

We need a minimum of 2 people to operate this tour and we have a maximum of 4 spots available.

Once reservations have been made, tour space is held with full payment. Once a reservation is confirmed an e-mail confirmation will be sent.

If you are a single guest on your reservation, we would need to wait on taking your payment, in order to confirm your tour we will need more guest to sign up for the tour. Once we have completed 2 guest, or more, we will go ahead and take your payment.

$120 per person
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If you would like for us to pick you up and drop you off in areas around Fairbanks, total for tour and transportation would be $230 per person. Please leave it on the comments if that is something you would like.